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jainsem moment!

ananya in jainsem

These photos were taken during my last visit to Shillong.This is the traditional khasi dress called jainsem,giving the body a cylindrical shape.Modern khasi women,however,wear a shorter skirt tucked up at the waist.The upper garment is tightly tied round the body.On ceremonial occasions,they wear that silver crown.A spike or peak is fixed to the back of the crown.


till date…

I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer.I spent most of the days of my childhood fantasizing how I would be the most popular girl,how i would spend money buying clothes and accessories.Unfortunately,none of this came true.After 10th I was forced to study at the local college.My parents were adamant not to send me outside my place.According to them I was unfit to face the world without them.If they wanted,I could be a part of the most prestigious college of Assam.I wanted to study fashion.They thought it was a waste of money.So I was parceled off to Guwahati to study BA in English.Now I am a graduate with no ambition.I always have a great feel for fashion.I often want to figure out how I can make it work with the rest of my life.Its a kind of a good moment when I realize it.It sounds cool.I believe If you follow your heart,destiny will reveal itself for you,If you ignore it you will never know what you are meant to be.So I am looking on myself more kindly and trying to embrace whatever I have.So here I am…