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Black magic










Black is my favorite color and it dominates my wardrobe.My sister used to steal all  my blacks  from time to time.She even gave my clothes to her friends also.And I had witnessed them wearing my clothes.I wore this black shirt with camel bone beads gifted by my friend for evening coffee.











green revolution

I had to go for shopping and I was pretty much reluctant to dress up well. This green short comfy kurta helped me.I love green.It gives a fresh feeling and you long to dance in the rainbow of a garden.


Pintucks are my all time favourite.I love the fact that it  adds a touch of femininity and beauty to your personality. The sewing is exquisite.You can use this technique to make baby dresses,wedding gowns, special occasion outfits and more! So its the time to bring a bit of the past into today.



For me its more fun to design clothes for myself than to buy a brand.This self-designed kurta is just an example of what I love to do.











Fashionista goes geek

I am sure you know the feeling-I certainly do.Something new and you are going out.There is a certain kind of excitement whether you are a style junkie or a mere fashion lover.I just got this bag from my aunt from Delhi.Now its my current fav to go bag.Have a look…

Glimpses of the state museum

Hi everyone…After some stressful days I am finally done with my new post.I wish I had 48 hours instead of 24.But somehow I am squeezing time.I went to the State Museum yesterday and took some shots.This post is entirely on some traditional dresses of the different tribes of Assam.

stripes meet flowers

street theatre!!!sweaters,jackets and many more…

I was out for some work but ended up doing this…sad about the fact that I couldn’t take the photos from front.